Shakeology, Protein Powders, And Meal Replacements, What Works Best For You


Protein powders, meal replacements, Shakeology,  and other supplements can have a dramatic effect on your weight loss or fitness results.

Throughout my life I have worked out.  But I havn’t always used supplements.  There are times when I could dedicate days, weeks,and months to consistent workouts and times I couldnt.  Or you could just BUY SHAKEOLOGY

When I could dedicate a large amount of time to my workouts I always use supplements.  Whether it was a simple protein powder, or a meal replacement, or even Shakeology, I consistently use the supplement throughout my training period.

When I don’t use supplementation, I know  I don’t get the same results.  Consistently consuming protein will enhance your workouts.  You will gain more muscle, lose more fat, and get more energy when you use a protein powder or other supplement.


The best way to use these is to have a drink right after your workout.   These meal replacements have just the right amount of nutrients, calories, protein, and carbohydrates to provide your body exactly what it needs after a tough workout.

Taking a supplement like a protein powder, or meal replacement is a great way to get the post workout nutrition you need.  A great website that can help with this is

Here you can find all kinds of great information of Beachbody’s Shakeology.  A unique protein powder supplement with all natural ingredients.  You won’t get the stomach discomfort of typical protein powders.  You’ll have more energy, and just feel better.  And it will help you lose weight too.  Shakeology is truly one of the best supplements available right now.

The people at Beachbody also recently created another version of Shakeology.  Its a pure vegan version of the popular protein supplement.  In fact the chocolate vegan version is not only the best vegan protein powder available, but it also tastes great.  For more information on shakeology nutrition facts chocolate vegan, check out or just go to

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